Welcome to ArtDiscover! On this page you will find some answers to questions we hope you might find useful.





1. What is ArtDiscover?

ArtDiscover is a contemporary art web site with fresh and relevant information about exhibitions, events, art fairs, news, artists and art centres.

Our mission is to be a meeting point for people who share a passion for art, both on a national and international level.

Artists and art venues will find their own place to promote their work and have access to a much wider public. We offer them the opportunity to include information about their exhibitions, work, biographies and links to their web sites.

Our team work to achieve a common mission: providing the newest and most detailed information about the world of art to all our users.


2. What benefits or advantages are there for registering with ArtDiscover?

The ArtDiscover team encourage all artists and art venues to register and make the very most of our web site and enjoy all its advantages:

·         Having a professional portfolio on a web site with thousands of daily visits

·         Belonging to an international art network 

·         Personally managing and updating your portfolio at any time

·         Immediate updating on the site when editing any information on your portfolio

·         Adding links to your web sites and any others related to your work or art centre

·         Gaining visibility to a public interested in art

·         And best of all… It’s free!


3. Is there a cost for participating in ArtDiscover?

No. Participation in ArtDiscover is free. Both artists and art venues can register for no additional charge and create their own portfolio in ArtDiscover.

There is a payment option for art venues who wish ArtDiscover to manage their portfolio content, update their information on exhibitions, and upload new works and artists etc. This payment option has a cost of 30€ a month or 360€ a year, and the number of images possible increases to 60.


4. Do you have any advice for creating more attractive portfolios?

Our first recommendation for both artists and art venues is to visit other participants on our web and see what the site looks like according to the amount of information introduced.

The images used are important and help to make the site more visible, so whether you are an artist or an art venue, we would highly recommend including images of your work including a personal photograph if you are an artist, or one of the centre for venues.

We would also recommend that you prepare the texts in both languages – Spanish and English. Our web site offers an automatic translation system, but it is more advisable for you to provide the texts yourself to ensure the quality of translation. Automatic translation engines are not so precise.

As far as the texts are concerned, they shouldn’t be excessively long, and should include information that you believe necessary for users visiting your portfolio for the first time. In the case of an artist the text should respond to questions regarding who they are, what they do, why they do it and in the case of an art venue questions such as how, where it is, what time it opens, what art it exhibits, what the exhibitions are about etc.


5. I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

At the top of all the ArtDiscover pages there is an “Access” link. Click on the link and follow the option, “Have you forgotten your password?” Follow the steps to recover your access pass.

If you have any questions or doubts please contact us via our contact form.


6. Registration problems

First of all we would like to offer our apologies for any problems you might be experiencing on making your registration please contact us with a brief description of the problem and we will try to help you solve it.

If you have any other doubt or questions please contact us via our contact form.




1. I’m an artist, what advantages will I have if I register?

ArtDiscover offers artists a platform where they can exhibit their art and have access to a much greater audience.

The public visiting ArtDiscover is interested in art, exhibitions and discovering new artists, so your portfolio will gain visibility among a very objective audience at an international level.

Moreover you can manage your own information and work, automatically updating your information on the web site when editing.

Moreover the ArtDisover web site also uses other social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+ to promote artists registered on the site who have full portfolios (work, description, artist’s image etc… ).


2. I’m an artist and I want to register, what do I have to do?

Firstly welcome to ArtDiscover!

At ArtDiscover you can register right now by clicking here or if you prefer via the Access link that you will find at the top of all our pages.

In the artists section you will also find a link to create your artist portfolio.


3. I’m an artist, what information do I need to register?

We will first ask you for your name and surname(s) to check that your portfolio is not already registered at ArtDiscover. If your name is not found on our data base you can continue registering and you will need:

·         Country

·         Date of Birth

·         Email contact

·         Telephone

·         Contact language


Once you have provided us with this information we will send you an email with a link to confirm your portfolio to the email address you provide us with. Once confirmed you can begin to fill in your portfolio with the basic data such as style and materials used to create your work.


You will also find the following sections:


Style and art medium

This area is to select what type of art best represents you. In the case where you use different medium you can select as many options as you prefer.



This area can be used for your personal declaration, what inspires you, what is important to you or what you are trying to transmit with your work. The area can also include text and links to other areas or web sites you consider important.


It is important to have a text prepared in both English and Spanish. The text doesn’t have to be too long; simply giving a description of what moves you as an artist. For those who do not have translation ArtDiscover will provide an automatic translator but we would recommend using another option since automatic translation engines are proven to be unreliable.


Representative Image

We recommend uploading an image of the artist.



Artists can include up to 15 images of your work with a description, the year, medium and art style appearing in each work.


4. My portfolio is on ArtDiscover but I didn’t create it, can I reclaim it? 

The ArtDiscover data base is created with the use of information provided by galleries, museums, event managers, artists and art professionals, exhibitors, and fairs as well as ArtDiscover’s own team.

If your artist portfolio has already been created on ArtDiscover you can click on “Login for this artist” and follow the steps given by the system to reclaim it. In the case where you try to access or register again with your name and surname, an alert with the option to reclaim will appear.

Once you have received your request to reclaim this portfolio the ArtDiscover team will check that your data coincides with the artist’s and we will contact you within a few days with your access information. 

In the case where you have created your portfolio beforehand and do not remember your password, click on “Recover Password” on the screen that appears after clicking on “Access” (at the top of all the pages).

If you do not wish your artist’s portfolio to be on ArtDiscover send us an email as such via our contact form. Once we have checked that you are the artist in question we will immediately withdraw it.


5. How many images can I upload? 

You can upload your artist’s photo and up to 15 further images of your work.


6. How do you select the artists that are highlighted on the main pages?

The ArtDiscover team is constantly checking the web site on a daily basis for new artists to highlight on the main pages and to give them circulation on our social networking sites.

Our selection criteria are based on portfolios that include all information that might be relevant and informative for our users as well as examples of their work.

The quality of the individual’s site is important for its selection and as such we encourage you to create full pages with quality images.


7. I have registered but cannot see my site on ArtDiscover, what has happened?

If you cannot find your portfolio we recommend that you make a search on the list of artists with your name or surname (or part). If you have written a different name to that registered in the search engine you will not find it.

It is also possible that we have taken down the page for not complying with certain publication criteria. To maintain the quality of the page we only allow portfolios with minimum content as well as art work.

If you have any doubts please contact us via our contact form. Click here.




1. I’m an art venue, what advantages will I gain from registering?

ArtDiscover provides art venues with a platform to promote their exhibitions and art events as well as their represented artists and associates. In this way art centres can obtain the greatest visibility and reach a much more select audience with an active interest for contemporary art.

Exhibitions and artists go hand in hand, so the users who visit the profile of an artist will see from their page what exhibitions they are participating or have participated in, with access to the centre data which also gives the location, description, web site and other work etc.

Moreover our own web site ArtDiscover also uses other social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Google+ to promote exhibitions and events that are included in the site.


2. What is the Premium option for art venues?

The Premium option is a payment option for art venues who want ArtDiscover to manage the content of their profiles, and as such the ArtDiscover team will be in charge of updating the information, introducing new exhibitions, uploading new works, including more represented artists etc.

The Premium option costs 30€ a month or 360€ a year and increases the number of images allowed on the profile to 60.


3. I am an art venue/centre/fair/gallery. What data do I need to register?

We request the basic registration information and you will need:

·         Type of Institution or Event

·         Name of Institution

·         Country and City

·         Contact person (will not be published)

·         Contact Email (will not be published)

·         Contact Language

·         Web site


Once this information has been provided we will send you an email with a link to confirm your profile to the contact email given. Once confirmed you can begin to fill in your profile and introduce any further information.


You will find the following sections:


My profile

This area is created to include information about the centre/fair/gallery. Information will be requested regarding the speciality of art in question, the opening times, location and contact details.


Here it is also possible to upload an image of the centre or event represented. In the case that there is not an image available we would suggest using your logo.

Since the users consult ArtDiscover in both English and Spanish we would recommend including a description in both these languages. ArtDiscover provides an automatic translation but we would suggest checking any automatic translations used since they are never fully reliable.  


To ensure that users have the full information required we recommend completing all the different sections included.

My artists

In this area you can include your represented or associate artists. If your artists do not have a page on ArtDiscover you can create a profile for them to link to the exhibitions. If they already have a page you only have to introduce their name and select them from the list.


My events

Event start and end date, type of event, time tables, description, vernissage, location map, image and web site for the event centre.


As in previous sections we recommend all information be provided in both English and Spanish.


My account

In this area you can change the contact email and password.


4. The artists do not appear as associated to my gallery but only to the exhibition. What do I have to do?

Access your profile from the access link at the top of all the pages. Once into your profile click on “My artists” and introducee the name of the artist associated to your gallery. If the artist has a profile created it will appear in the drop-down menu, select it and it will appear on your list of artists.

Then click on “My Events” and select the event you wish to edit. Click on complete next to the “Event Artist”. Select the artist on the list who you wish to appear.


5. How many images per artist can I upload?

The free option allows 15 works per artist. The Premium option allows up to 60.


6. ¿How can I get my exhibitions onto the main page?

The ArtDiscover team revises the web site on a daily basis in search of relevant exhibitions to highlight on the main and home pages of our cities and to provide greater circulation among our social networking sites.

Our selection criteria are based on exhibitions that include all information that might be relevant and informative to users such as a good description, the exhibition artists, images, timetable, start and finish date and centre hosting the event etc…

The quality of the page is a determining factor for its selection, and as such we encourage you to create full pages with quality images.