Olecksandr McQuartz


    • Male
    • Photographer


    About the artist

    I was born on 11 March 1992 in a city of 80.000 inhabitants called Chervonograd, only 30 km away from Poland. Ukraine is my home country. My parents called me Oleksandr and my surname is Boyko, from my father, the only thing he ever gave me, since I was brought up my grandparents and my mother.

    From an early age I started my artistic way. I loved drawing and craft classes. At school I was always drawing in class. At the age of 11 I started going to drawing and painting classes where I spent most of my spare time until my mother, who was then working in Spain, took me to live with her. I have now been living in Spain for a few years

    In Spain I continued with my painting classes since I need to escape the emptiness, and I always felt the need to express myself through various artistic techniques. Later I studied design and photography at the Art School, and it was photography that had the biggest impression on me on an emotional and personal level. Only through photography do I find the emotional and artistic escape I need

    My artistic name is Oleksandre McQuartz which comes from Alexander McQueen and Quartz, reflecting my desire to change my surname into something more spiritual and personal. I live surrounded by quartz. It is one of my many fixations. And now I am here undressing my soul in front of you through my photography.

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