• Male
    • Video artist
    • Performance
    • Neoconceptual
    • Mixed media
    • Installation
    • Sculptor
    • Designer


    About the artist

    Julio Curieses

    Multidisciplinary artist, formed in the university as Telecommunications Engineer. He started his career in the year 1990, showing his work in many different spaces such as Sala de Arte Caja Madrid, Creativos de Artes Gallery in Valladolid, Albaquercus Gallery of Art, Maes Gallery, Catarsis Gallery, Margarita Nelken Gallery or Juan Carlos I Exhibition Hall. His work has also been exhibited in many festivals and competitions such as “I Festival of Submerged Art of Oviedo” or in the events: COSL-ART ′2003 (Madrid) "Qué Fresas?” (Madrid 2005) and “IX Certamen Frida Khalo” in 2006.

    His recent activities include participation in the “VIII Arévalo Contemporary Art Fair” and the exhibition at El Cuarto Simpatico (Madrid, 2011). This new stage represents the synthesis of a research initiated years ago based on the symbolism of light and the metaphor of the shade. His works are present in different institutions and public collections such as Caja Madrid, Brunete Town Hall or Maes Gallery.

    The use of poor and recycled materials, like cardboard, in Julio Curieses’s work represents an attempt to find the light in the metamorphosis for hope.
    The synthesis between light and shadow symbolism combines with the importance of materials. This identifies a unified dialogue between Minimalism and Formalism, which is enriched with technical tools such as fluorescent lights or LEDs. The result is aseptic, short of striking and ravishing, but rigorous, and sometimes rough due to his influence of certain aspects of Arte Povera.
    In his latest series "Meeting Point", the author lives up to its corpus of intentions, in a work that is painless and straight, with only two compositional elements, combining economic resources and a balanced resolution.
    Curieses’s creations are conclusive, due to the commitment in the search of Order and Beauty, that leads us to make a reflection on daily life, in other words, life and its opposite.